Seed funding for EU project proposals (Seed Funding EU)

With the seed funding programme for EU project proposals "Seed Funding EU" the Rectorate of the University of Münster supports researchers who promote the visibility of the university in the field of EU research. For the preparation of a coordinated EU joint project proposals and MSCA consortia proposals, the seed funding is available upon application. The objective of the seed funding (pre-award) is to provide researchers the best-possible conditions for submitting a high-quality application and thereby increase their chances for a successful proposal. For successful coordinators of EU projects further bonuses (post award) are provided.

This seed funding programme is open for all researchers from the  faculties 1-4 and 6-15. Researchers from faculty 5 (medicine) should contact the "Servicepoint Wissenschaft für wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter*innen" ( for seed funding.

The funds provided within this new programme are easy to access and will be available for the funding schemes listed below:

EU joint projects

The Rectorate is supporting EU joint project proposals with a coordination at the University of Münster through:

  • Pre-award: Project seed funding (earmarked, max € 25,000)
  • Post-award: Project leader bonus (at the full amount of overhead) & personal bonus for coordinators of € 15,000

Theme-based, open-call research and innovation project proposals which are eligible for EU funding are usually jointly submitted by at least three partners from three EU-member states. The fundamental criteria for selection are innovation, interdisciplinarity and intersectorality. The majority of EU-wide open calls for proposals are issued via the EU research and innovation programme “Horizon Europe”. More information on EU funding opportunities for joint projects:

Contact and advice at the University of Münster:

ERS GmbH (ERS Team, Oliver Panzer, Dr. Sigrid Schüller-Ravoo)

Tel: +49 251 83-35586 | E-Mail:


MSCA consortia

The Rectorate is supporting project proposals by MSCA consortia with a coordination at the University of Münster through:

  • Pre-award: Project seed funding (earmarked, max € 25,000)
  • Post-award: Co-financing of MSCA Fellows (compensation for potential financial gaps by EU lump sums)

The Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) support international mobility, networking and career development within the EU and around the world. Networks for doctoral candidates, postdoc researchers and staff exchange are eligible for funding, regardless of theme or discipline. The primary selection criterion is the excellence of the research topic, the training programme and the consortium. Consortia can submit their applications to the programmes Doctoral Networks, COFUND or Staff Exchange depending on their focus. More information on MSCA consortia:

Contact and advice at the University of Münster:

SAFIR Research Funding Support Office:

Eva Jirka | Tel: +49 251 83-22495 | E-Mail:

Dr. Preeya Vettikuzha | Tel: +49 251 83-21475 | E-Mail:


Your path to seed funding

Project seed funding (Pre-award)

  1. Abstract: Send a convincing summary of your project idea to the respective staff (SAFIR or ERS GmbH) and briefly outline your financial need during the application phase. The summary is reviewed and the review is evaluated in the Prorectorate Research.
  2. Rectorate Decision: The Rectorate assesses your proposal and usually decides on approving the funding request within three weeks.
  3. Kickoff Seed funding: You will be informed about the Rectorate's decision and either SAFIR or the ERS GmbH (depending on the funding scheme) will invite you to an initial consultation to talk about the further application process. Subsequently your seed funding account will be set up.
  4. Seed funding account: Now, with your active seed funding account, you can post incurred expenses in the range of the granted funds to it.

The allocated funds can be used to cover subject-specific expenses, such as an additional researcher, student assistants, expenses for workshops, travel costs etc.

The application is possible any time, but at least three weeks prior to the submission deadline of the research project proposal.

Post award funding

The abovementioned personal bonuses are granted upon the signing of the grant agreement.

The abovementioned project leader bonuses, as well as the co-financing of MSCA Fellows as compensation for potential financial gaps by EU lump sums are made available based on the respective expenditures upon conclusion of the project.

The resolution by the Rectorate upon which these funding measures are based, remains valid until further notice for up to five years and will be evaluated again at that time.


ERC Grants

There is no seed funding available for an ERC grant application.